About Us

Our passion is to bring more light, scent and ambience to the world.


Be bright. Be bold. Be light. Our vision embodies our candles, giving to you a more exuberant experience with each candle, pushing creative boundaries through innovation. With the combination of coconut and soy wax, “Vida” is Latin for “Life”, Vidamo is more than just a candle, but an artisan masterpiece, breathing more life to your unwinding pleasure.


We strive to be unique within a saturated market; thus, we decided to make all our candles coloured. Vidamo stands out to being competitive and committed in providing a bright and vibrant vibe that no one else can match.

All our candles are 100% delicately hand-made, hand-polished, hand-trimmed, and hand-painted with customising options to capture the satisfaction of our client’s desired candle. With an emphasis on modernity, our line art offering is also a great symbolism of a blooming artistic movement in the midst of a pandemic.

To ensure that every client is satisfied, quality control is being implemented, allowing all our products to be shipped in a perfect and ideal shape.